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Since 2016, Alfredo has established a prominent presence in the European cannabis sector, becoming a recognized authority. Prior to his current role at Seed Innovations, he served as an International Analyst at MJBizDaily, the highly regarded US-based cannabis business news and information resource.

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Director of Investment Research
SEED Innovations

Farida Hussain has recently joined the team at Pipp Horticulture as the International Sales Manager. As a Canadian living in Europe for almost a decade and now residing in Lisbon, Portugal, she has provided valuable insights for her clients in various areas within the cannabis industry. With over five years of experience in the cannabis industry under her belt, Farida has witnessed the international trends shift, which has enabled her to assess the current markets better. Farida has been on numerous panels at conferences globally. She is always excited to share her views and learn more about this industry and the cannabis plant.


Farida was a professional consultant specializing in sales, strategic planning, and business development. She worked with an array of clients worldwide, focusing on building teams, increasing sales, training managers, and product placement. Her focus now is on promoting Pipp Horticulture in Europe and building the foundation for Pipp to deliver the success it has already achieved in the USA.

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International Sales Manager – EU
Pipp Horticulture

Bijan has worked for Canopy Growth and Khiron Life Sciences in the past and now consults cannabis businesses on market entry and commercial strategy. As a certified pharmaceutical consultant he has had countless interactions with physicians, pharmacists and patients and now focuses on leveraging education and data analytics to increase access to cannabinoid medicines. His company BCH Consulting works across a number of industries including Pharma, Cannabis, Health Tech, FMCG and more. Specialising in business scaling and international expansion, BCH Consulting seeks to improve commercial efficiency by achieving harmony between sales, marketing and CRM/data analytics strategies.

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BCH Consulting

Georgia specialises in commercial strategy and investor relations. As partner at Tocar Strategic Advisors, Georgia plays a crucial role in conducting due diligence on potential investments and acquisitions for Tocar’s clients. Georgia’s considerable knowledge of the cannabis sector, spanning medical, CBD and recreational cannabis, has led her to establish a strong global network. Leveraging these valuable connections, she excels at forging strategic partnerships and facilitating fruitful collaborations for her clients. Alongside her role at Tocar, Georgia also acts as a portfolio manager for an international family office.

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Tocar Strategic Advisors

Deepak Anand stands out as a distinguished thought leader and subject matter expert in the global cannabis industry. His wealth of experience includes meaningful engagements with senior government officials, policymakers, investors, and leading cannabis producers worldwide. As the founder of a boutique consulting business, he is dedicated to providing tailored services to international governments, regulators, and prominent entities in sectors such as consumer packaged goods, beverages, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco, especially those exploring or actively participating in the dynamic cannabis industry.

Anand holds influential positions on both for-profit and not-for-profit industry boards, where he contributes valuable expertise and insights. His extensive involvement extends to pharmaceutical associations across Canada, the United States, and Europe. Notably, Anand has played pivotal roles in the cannabis sector, serving as the founder and executive director of the Canadian National Medical Marijuana Association. Additionally, he has taken on leadership responsibilities, including CEO and Director, in various companies across diverse verticals within the cannabis industry. Armed with an MBA from Vancouver Island University, Anand is an active participant on the boards of not-for-profit organizations, advocacy groups, and patient-driven initiatives. His commitment to advancing different facets of the industry is underscored by his multifaceted role, further solidifying his status as a globally recognized individual in the cannabis space. As a social media influencer, he amplifies his impact, reaching a wide audience and contributing to the industry’s visibility on a global scale.

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ASDA Consultancy Services

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